Action Description Date Odo
Bike Delivered - Nov 2018 0
Fitted Airbox Noticable increase in Torque for 3000 - 5000 rev-range. Got this one: Link Nov 2018 340
Clutch Issues Took it back to the dealer because clutch was slipping. They took it apart and re-assembled it, said nothing was wrong. Afterwards I had noticably lighter clutch action and no more slipping. Nov 2018 ~250
First Service Swapped oil to 10w60. Less debris than expected, will do second oil change ~ 1500kms Dec 2018 840.9
Broken Sidestand Sensor Something may have gone haywire in the Rally kit build. Can't explain why the sidestand sensor was broken, but fixed it with a kit to remove it all together. Dec 2018 900.4
Major issues Bike wouldn't start, wet spark plugs, dealer told me I must have poured in diesel (fairly sure I didn't), dealer replaced Pulser Coil (which may explain symptoms). I currently believe it must have been an electrical issue as it would start just fine the day before Jan 2019 ~1000
Oil Change + Tyre Swap Changed oil + filters, swapped tyres for more offroad oriented Feb 2019 ~6500
Valve Check, Oil Change, Tyre Swap, Brakes / Clutch bleed Although a bit late, valve clearances being off can normally be felt quite well. The bike was handling fine, but I checked them anyway. They were all within spec. An oil + filter change was due, the rear tyre needed replacement and the front brake felt spungy so blead all of them. Apr 2019 ~13000
Valve Check, Oil Change, Tyre Change, Swingarm / Linkage bearings greased, Headstem bearing greased, Rebuilt Front Master Brake Cylinder, Reinforced luggage racks Unfortunately, I didn't have a rebuild kit for the master brake, but I cleaned everything properly and put it back together, has been working ever since (23k at time of writing) May 2019 ~18500
Tyre Change A lot of offroading through Namibia ate the rear tyre. June 2019 ~22000
Oil Change, Valve Check (/ fix), Fixed heated grips, Replaced Chain / Sprockets Intake valves were out of spec, replaced shims on both. June 2019 ~23500
Fixed Radiator leak near engine / (Blown head gasket or broken waterpump seal or blown base gasket) Hasn't been fixed yet, will ship bike back to NL and have it fixed there. July 2019 ~28500